Centuries old techniques, skills passed down the generations, contemporary design and beautiful semi-precious stones set in sterling silver… a match made in a Himalayan heaven

Silver Sherpa has been a long time in the making, a dream of ours for years.
We started, and remain, a small-scale family operation. Working with one designer and his team of silversmiths in Patan, Kathmandu to produce one off, bespoke and small runs of original, contemporary designs that showcase the skills of our Silversmiths and the beauty of the stones within. This allows us to be certain of the quality of the products we sell and once back in the UK we have our jewellery assayed and hallmarked so you can be as sure as we are!
Our collection is constantly changing but always comprises a wide selection of semi precious stones including; Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Amethyst, Citrine, Garnet and Peridot and many more.

The April/May 2015 earthquakes devastated large parts of Patan and Laltipur, where our jewellery is made, and recovery is still in process. Mercifully, small scale industries like Silver Sherpa are as resilient as the people behind the craft, we will continue to provide work, income and support for our crafts people as they continue to rebuild after the earthquakes.